Optimize the impact of your digital magazine: from engagement to conversion

Calaméo makes the creation, sharing, and analysis of your digital magazine easy. Transform your static PDFs into dynamic magazines, enhance your content strategy, and boost your growth. Transform your magazines, expand your audience, and reap the benefits of your work: maximize your editorial potential.

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How to maximize your editorial potential?

Establish specific goals for your content. What do you want to achieve? Increase engagement, generate leads, inform, entertain? Clear goals guide your strategy.

Click the "Publish" button, select the document you want to upload, set the document's privacy settings, and publish immediately.

Explore options and add forms, shopping links, dynamic media, maps, videos, infographics, audios... Maximize your audience engagement now!

Use the links provided by Calaméo to share your publication on social media, in newsletters, or embed it directly on your website if necessary... wherever you prefer.

Access data for all your publications by clicking on each of them. Discover useful KPIs such as views, reading time, screen type, source, and countries... and much more!

qualified leads

Imagine a captivating digital magazine that goes beyond static pages. Learn how Calendly, Google Forms, HubSpot Forms, MailChimp, Jotform, Typeform, and Shopify integrations maximize lead capture to energize your online content.

your digital magazine

Optimize your content with enriched media for a better user experience. Incorporate interactive elements such as videos, infographics, audio, etc. Transform your content into engaging reading experiences.

your audience

Deeply analyze your audience with Google Analytics 4 and Matomo. Refine your editorial strategy based on real data to personalize your digital magazine and effectively meet your audience's needs.


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Read the case study